THE SHIFT - 5 booklets

The Shift: What it is - Why it's happening - How it is affecting you and the mastering of Alchemy by Jim Self

Explore and Discover:

►What are the 3rd and 4th Dimensions?
►Tools to Rebuild Yourself.
►Where the Shift is Taking You.
►The 5th Dimension: Your Spiritual Abilities are Revealed.
►How to Enjoy the Journey to the Higher Dimensions.
►Unveiling the Experiment.
►The True Nature of the Experiment.

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Thank you for sharing your energy through this e-book. I was so moved to tears - but they were tears of wonderment and joy. Every cell of my body vibrated with this information. I have signed up for the Level 1 as my next step on my path.”—Maggie, Israel

‘This e-book was a great tool to understand what the "Shift" is all about. You have a clarity about you that is expressed with ease. While I have been on the path for a decade now- much information is only given in bits and pieces. You are able to help us see the bigger picture. Thank You! I look forward to Level 2.”—TD, Sweden

I want you to know how much I enjoyed your book "The Shift". I have been keeping up with changes for the last 35 years and your book takes it to the next, necessary level. A very BIG THANK YOU for offering this to everyone. I have printed out 3 copies already and passed them out. I too believe this wonderful information should be made available to everyone. You have done a fantastic job on this book and I shall treasure it.”—Mary, Wisconsin

Each order ships w/ 5 of the same booklet in total.
Each booklet has 53 pages and uses recycled paper, vegetable inks and 100% wind-power.

This book is also available in Digital PDF format. To download a copy instantly, visit the E-Book section of the Mastering Alchemy Online Store.

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