Sun, 2012-06-17 15:43
Hi All, We would most likely all like to manifest an 'apple', when the conditions would be right and then also think about how to co create in a constructive fashion. However, I have noticed that when you put your 'attention' on something that you would like to see in your life, it will also manifest. When we moved house some 7 years ago, I was thinking about an allotment (a communal veggie garden that you rent on a yearly basis). I talked about this at work and my former manager offered me one to take over from her, which I did. It is hard work and requires a lot of 'attention' when you intend to keep it clean and grow crops. It beats going to the gym for me as it is a 15 minute cycle trip from our home. Now, some time later I thought that I would enjoy a greenhouse, lo and behold, one of my friends had one to spare and this was joyfully put together and has been intensively used ever since. Added to that another friend bought a new shed on the allotments and gave me her old shed, which is just brilliant. Over the last few weeks the weather in the UK has been very wet and windy, which has sometimes prevented me from making my trip to my garden. Lately though I have noticed that on Sundays, the weather is not so bad that I cannot do at least a half day of gardening. I always 'intend' to go, no matter what the weather. Today I noticed that there was not even a lot of wind on the way back, thank you so much Mother Earth! I also noticed that even though I do not grow my crops in neat rows and allow my plants to do what they like within reason, there is now a lot of beauty, happiness and ease whenever I look at all of the beautiful self seeding wildflowers, which are abundantly adorning the crops. Ank Blessings