If you're looking for Energy Tools for Personal and Spiritual Growth and you have:

  • An intention to grow beyond your limitations?
  • A willingness to blend and become one with the feminine and masculine aspects of yourself?
  • A belief that there is grander wisdom available?
  • A desire to "know thyself"?

...then the Mastering Alchemy Programs are worth exploring.

If you yearn to advance your personal and spiritual growth, accelerate your awakening, strengthen your spiritual connection to Source, and reconnect with the Love That You Are, it is no accident that you found us. This work can assist you in achieving all of this... and so much more.

If you are new to Mastering Alchemy and would like to learn more about what we do and how Mastering Alchemy might benefit you, click here for the complete pathway to Mastering Alchemy.

As you explore these energy tools and material, FEEL what you read and allow your intuition and your heart to guide you further into this work.  

Jim Self
    "The Transition Just Below the Surface"

    It may not be showing up in the media, the general presentation which is very vanilla coated; but if you look just below the surface of events you will see a very different story unfolding. CLICK to listen
    What is Consciousness? How Does it Work?
    Tuesday, October 16 and 23
    5-6:30pm Pacific Time

    Consciousness is vast, but understanding a framework to understand consciousness is what will allow you to become conscious in the higher dimensions.
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    The Higher Purpose of the Ego
    by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett

    Many of us have been taught that the ego is a problem and something we want to eliminate and be free of, but the ego is a wonderful tool to help you master duality without being affected by it. 
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